Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lesson #2: The Sick and The Afflicted

Dear Jeanie,

This past two weeks our house has been full of sickies.  Nothing too miserable I must say, but having sick kids is never fun.  One night when I was up with the baby coughing, and feeling so sorry for her, I of course thought of you.  Nothing heals the heart, or makes your sickness go away faster than Mom. 

I kept thinking of one specific night when I was little.  I woke up on the bottom bunk-bed with green bean throw up all down my pajamas.  I am sure you woke up to me crying.  You gently took my pj's off, got me in the tub, told me I was going to be okay, found a trusty bowl, and put me back to bed.  I don't remember all the words that were said from you, but I do remember the way that you made me feel. 

To this day when I get sick, I would love to crawl back in your bed, watch the Price is Right with you, and have some Sprite and crackers on your nightstand.  You have been Nurse Nancy many times to all of us at one point, and still are the one that I call when I have questions about my kids. 

Thanks for all of the sleepless nights, the soup, the sprite, the vicks rubs, humidifiers, trips to the Doctors Office, trips to the ER with kidney stones, and especially the hugs, love, and tenderness that you used while you cared for me!

I love you Mom,


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