Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lesson #4: Golden Brown

Dear Jeanie,

Nothing tops summer like camping with the family.  I can recall so many fun memories of camping with you and the family.  My favorite thing about camping with you was the art in which you roasted marshmallows.  Never the slightest bit burnt, always the golden brown crust that would have the tiny crunch.

I don't know how you managed to do it, every inch of your marshmallows were the perfect golden brown.  You must have made a million of roasted marshmallows in your day, everyone just had to have yours!

I hope I can one day perfect the golden brown marshmallowey goodness!

Love you Mom

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Dear Jeanie,

A couple of weeks ago it was so nice here in the Northwest.  We had sun, blue sky, and high 70 weather.  I couldn't help but notice all of the nice cars on the road.  And of course, they made me think of you. 

You might not remember the time that you test drove a convertible, just for the fun of it, but I sure remember!  I can still remember the wind in my hair, blowing it all over my face.  The sun was shining, and you had the biggest grin on your face. 

You had the time of your life.  But you usually always do,  you are the life of the party.  Wherever you are, there is surely fun to be had.  I love how spontaneous you are, and carefree.  You have taught me to love life, and to enjoy every moment.  Something that I need to remember more often.  I need some more convertible moments in my life!

Love ya,