Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lesson #1: Hair and Boobs are NOT Everything!!!

Dear Jeanie,

The other day when you went in for your MRA, you had to take off all your clothes, and even your wig!  The nurses and staff were amazed by you.  You simply stated, "Hair and Boobs are NOT Everything!" You talked to them about your marriage with your sweet husband who still loves you no matter what.  You even joked about crawling into bed with them when it is pitch black so it doesn't matter anyway!

You taught me so many lessons in that simple conversation.  First of all, that you can find humor in the bleakest of circumstances.  Second, that inner beauty is truly everything!  You show this by words and action to all 5 of your daughters, and to your 14 grand-daughters.  How blessed we are to have you!  The world puts so much emphasis on Big boobs and Beautiful hair.  But not you.  You taught us to value TRUE beauty. 

The Third thing that you taught me from this simple phone call is that you can be yourself!  You aren't afraid to show anyone who you are, talk about where you came from, or your story!  I love you for that Mom.  Thanks for making me laugh today, and realize that I am Beautiful!!!



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