Friday, July 6, 2012

Lesson #6: Library Love

Dear Mom,

Yesterday I watched the light go off on Little Rig as he filled out his chart for the Library Summer Reading Program.  He completed his first 5 hours, and had to take it in to get his prize.  So, we canceled every thing that was going on, and headed to the library. 

We headed straight for the counter and Rig and Madi handed the Librarian their ticket to win their first summer reading prize.  The Librarian returned with a simple "Owl Tattoo"!  You should have seen the look on Rig's face.  Shocked at it's best.  Not because it was kind of a lame prize for reading 5 hours to a 5 year old kid, but because it was a tattoo. 

Living where we do, we have had many conversations about tattoos, and Rig has decided that it is best if we don't use any kind of tattoo.  So, he quickly said to me, "We don't have Tattoos Mom"  I was so proud that he took the prize and didn't really mind that it was what it was, and then skipped over to find some more books!

He loves to go to the library and read.  He is constantly wanting me to read with him.  We just started reading "Charolet's Web."  The other night he snuck downstairs with it, and asked me to read a little more.  How could I resist.

My kids love to check out their own books, and scan them on their own. Madi HAD to check out every single book that she picked out yesterday.  I watched her as she carefully set each book on the shelf and then one by one scanned them in with the scanner.   I remember doing that as a kid, and even playing library at home!

I want to thank you deeply for taking me to the library.  I loved the library because you loved the library, and you took us there almost every week.  It has made all the difference in my life, and in my kids lives.  I still enjoy reading a good book, and it has been so fun to watch my kids love it just as much.  This is all because of you!

I love you Mom!


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